Favourite Vegan Boots Products

Boots is one of my favourite places to shop for skincare and beauty products, it’s my go-to for basics as well as exciting, emerging new brands. I recently looked on their website and saw their Vegan Beauty Edit, which really intrigued me. I am not vegan but I prefer to shop cruelty free whenever possible and have been avoiding eating meat since the start of this year so I was interested to see which brands and products were featured.

Original Source

Original Source is a brand that I guess everyone has used at least once, their scents are divine and now you can shower guilt-free as they contain no animal products or conduct animal testing. The sweet apple and vanilla shower milk is a product I definitely want to try!

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Isle of Paradise

This is brand which I was very excited about at the start of last year when I first heard Head Benefit Make Up Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, talk about it on her YouTube channel. Created by Jules Von Hep, the brand contains three colour-correcting self-tan formulas in a mousse, water or drop consistency. I bought the medium tanning drops to add to my moisturiser and give a subtle glow, which they really do, the colour is even and easy to use as there’s no need to rinse it off. Bonus points for its commitment to “fluffy bunnies” too!

Shop now at Boots

Sanctuary Spa

I always have at least one Sanctuary Spa product as part of my skincare routine, I especially love their cleansers and their minis are perfect for holidays. However I never realised that their products were vegan so that’s a massive plus for me. The Ultimate Cleansing Oil is my favourite to take all my make up off and it leaves my skin really moisturised afterwards (it never makes my eyes stings either so would be great for anyone with sensitivity).

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Super Facialist

I started using the Vitamin C+ Daily Defence Moisturiser from Super Facialist when my vitamin C moisturiser from The Body Shop ran out a few months ago. The smell of the product is really lovely and citrusy and helps brighten your complexion, which is always nice in the Autumn and Winter. I had never heard of the brand before and picked up the moisturiser on a whim, however they have some really interesting salicylic and hyaluronic acid products which I’d love to try. It’s scientific, ‘problem-skin’ focus seems to be very similar to La Roche Posay products.

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Miss Patisserie

This is a brand I have never heard of before until it was featured on the Boots Vegan Edit however it really stood out because of its beautiful and innovative products such as The De-Stress Shower Steamer, which is perfect for students like me who unfortunately don’t have the luxury of a bath. Miss Patisserie is a brand which strongly advocates vegan products and uses natural ingredients to achieve total luxury.

Shop now at Boots

I hope you enjoyed this post. I love to see so many brand emerging with the intention to be vegan advocates, while other larger brands are also starting to make the change.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if there’s any other vegan brands you love?



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