The Ordinary Skincare Review

The Ordinary is a brand which is relatively new to me and seems to have taken off in the past year. I’ve heard so many positive reviews of their products and was really intrigued by their range of acid serums and facial treatments as they are completely different to any skincare products I’ve seen from other brands. Their products are also vegan and cruelty free which is a big thumbs up from me and the prices are so reasonable!

I tried to place an order on soo many times for the three products which I had my eye on and each time at least one of them was sold out! *Sob* But finally I’ve managed to get my hands on them all and am already wanting to place another order to try some of the toners and other foundations because I’ve loved them so much!


The first product I wanted to try was the Hylauronic Acid (ยฃ6 for 30ml) which is a serum designed to deliver moisture into deeper layer of your skin and attracts up to 1000 times its weight in water, which all sounds very promising and perfect for dry, winter skin! It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pipette dropper to dispense it onto your skin, I think the packaging looks quite clinical but very suiting for the science behind the formulas. The consistency of the serum is quite sticky but its absorbs into your skin very quickly which is lovely and leaves my skin feeling very fresh and hydrated!


The next product I wanted to try, but was also a bit scared by, is the Peeling Solution (ยฃ6.25 for 30ml) . Anything that says it has a combined 32% acid content and is designed to exfoliate the top layer of your skin sounds a bit intimidating and I was anxious that it may be too harsh for my skin and irritate it. However I was so wrong!!! This product is my new favourite thing! I hoped that it might help with the little bit of acne scaring I have on my face from when my skin flared up when I was in Australia, I’m still waiting to see if I can notice any major difference with this after using it for a few weeks. But the main thing I have noticed is that this solution has stripped all the blackheads out of my nose (a bit TMI and gross I know, sorry) and improved to overall appearance of my skin’s texture! It doesn’t make my skin sting when I apply it and I’m already recommending to everyone I know.


The last product I bought was the Serum Foundation (ยฃ5.75 for 30ml) which I was drawn to because it was described as being lightweight, hydrating and suitable for all skin types. It also has SPF 15 which is perfect as I try to make sure I’m always wearing either a moisturiser or a foundation with sun protection in. The Peeling Solution also increases your skin’s sensitivity to sun so this foundation is a great option to wear afterwards to ensure your skin is protected! The formula is very similar to the Fenty Beauty foundation and it also comes in a large range of shades with varying undertones which I was very impressed with. The coverage is medium but build-able and a little goes a long way!


So far I have been very impressed by The Ordinary and definitely want to try some of their other products! Let me know if you have tried anything by this brand and which products you would recommend?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Emily X


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