Mini Lush Haul

I wish I could bottle the smell as I’m shooting the pictures for this post and somehow send it out to you all via my laptop! It is divine! But unfortunately I don’t think technology is quite that advanced yet, so I’ll just have to settle for trying my best to describe it to you instead!

I went into Lush at the start of last week to buy a present for my lovely Mum for Mother’s Day and I accidently-on-purpose might have slipped a few things for myself into my basket…woops! But how can you not? Lush are constantly bringing out new products and releasing seasonal products which I just can’t resist. Their Easter range has just dropped so it would be rude really if I didn’t have a little test of a few of the new and exciting bath goodies they had on offer!

The first thing I picked up was the present I bought for my Mum, which is The Olive Branch Shower Gel. The smell of this product is very warm and citrusy which I knew she would love and Lush shower gels always go such a long way, they lather up beautifully and the scent always lingers on your skin afterwards, which is gorgeous! I might have to sneak this into my shower one time just to try it out for myself…sorry Mum!

feature pic

Next up was the Cherryish Hand and Body Scrub. I had seen this on the Lush Instagram Page and knew I wanted to try it as I’ve previously used their Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub which is more of a liquidy salt scrub, so I thought this one would be nice as it contains cocoa butter so is more moisturising at the same time. I think this was originally released as part of the Valentines Day range and the very lovely lady who served me said that it has now been made a permanent product, yay! The fact that it smells of chocolate and cherries doesn’t hurt either!

Obviously I love the bath bombs from Lush, who doesn’t? But I do prefer their bubble bars as a bath without bubbles is just plain wrong I think. So when I saw these next two products I picked them up straight away!


These Bunch of Carrots Bubbles Bars are just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They’re limited to the new Easter range so make sure you get them quickly before they’re gone! They have a very fresh, lemony smell and I love that you get a bunch of three meaning you will definitely get your moneys worth out of them! I am one of those people who will cut bubble bar and bath bombs in half (or quarters if I super love them) to get as many uses out of them as possible because I just love the scents! So these carrots ones are perfect for me, I estimate at least 6 uses before they’re gone!


This Purple Drain Marbled Bubbleroo was the last thing I bought, it smells sweeter than the other products I got and has Shea butter and peppermint oil in it so it is super nourishing! The marbled effect on the top of it is just too pretty and it comes in two other scents which I will definitely have to try!

Let me know which Lush products are your fave and if you’ve tried any from the Easter range yet?

Emily X

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