Summer Bucket List

When I wrote my 2018 Goals post at the end of last year I said that I really wanted to travel again this year and that I had some rough plans for going inter-railing around Europe in August. My friends and I have started to finalise some plans a bit more since then and so I thought I’d put together a bucket list for all things I want to do/see/go this summer!

  • Benicassim Festival– My best friend has got a job in Barcelona working as an Au Pair for a Spanish Family for a few months over the Spring/Summer and I was always planning on flying over to meet her for a while before I started inter-railing. However we both wanted to go to a festival this year, as we have done for the past few summers, and decided to buy tickets for Benicassim, a four day festival just down the coast from Barcelona! It based right on the beach with The Killers already confirmed to headline one night and more acts to be announced!


  • Barcelona/Valencia– After Benicassim has finished we’re planning on travelling either up or down the coast to spend a few days in  either Barcelona or Valencia. We’ve both already visited Barcelona together a few years ago and I would love to go back to see how the Sagrada De Familia has changed, but I’ve never visited Valencia so it might be nicer to go somewhere new! For the time being we’re still undecided about which city to visit.


  • Amsterdam– This city is first on the list for our inter-railing trip! (I’m travelling with my friend Caitlin) I’ve never been to Amsterdam before, although quite a lot of my friends have and they have all loved it! The Anne Frank Museum and The Sex Museum are on our list of things to do as well as obviously finding some of the coffee shops!


  • Brussels– Beer. Waffles. Chocolate. My three plans for Brussels! Oh, and seeing all the beautiful squares, churches and architecture…


  • Munich– I am so excited to visit Munich! The city looks absolutely beautiful, I’m a complete sucker for old architecture and the night life is renown for being amazing! We’re planning a day trip to visit Neuschwanstein Castle which was Walt Disney’s inspiration for the Disney Castle!


  • Prague– Prague is another city I’ve heard so many people rave about and it was one of the places Caitlin wants to visit most! On my to-do list for Prague is; visit Prague Castle, see the John Lennon Wall, explore the Old Jewish Quarter and try Trdelnik, which is supposed to be a delicious traditional pastry!


  • Vienna– I’ve wanted to go to Vienna ever since I read a book in Primary School which was based in the city, it made it sound so magical and beautiful! I know there are lots of art galleries, museums and palaces to visit there but I’m still looking for other ideas if anyone has any recommendations?


  • Budapest– This city is probably top of the list for both me and Caitlin! She’s been to the city before so already knows a lot of great places to see but I’m super excited to visit the Hot Baths and have a few nights out at the Ruin Bars!


  • Slovenia– We’re planning two stops in Slovenia, first Ljubljana and then Lake Bled. Ljubljana is the capital and is supposed to be a really quirky, cute city and Bled just looks so picturesque, it’ll be a nice place to have a few chilled out days and swim in the Lake!


  • Croatia– Again, we’re planning two stops in Croatia, first in Split and then carrying on down the coast to Dubrovnik. There’s supposed to be really good diving and snorkelling off the coast of Croatia which I’m so excited for and Dubrovnik just looks like the most incredible little city, so medieval with loads of history!

Let me know if you’ve visited any of these cities before and have any recommendations of what to get up when we’re there?

Emily X

2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. IngridMadisonAve says:

    Amazing list of places to visit! I am actually leaving Barcelona now and the Sagrada Familia is extraordinary. Not sure how long you have been away, but he middle inside is not yet finished, and the outside as well. I visited he Passion side of it. Safe travels!


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