2018 Goals

Shop Less:

This may sound like a strange goal to write about on a fashion blog however I’ve recently had a MASSIVE sort out of my wardrobe and rediscovered loads of clothes I had forgotten about! So next year I really want to try and keep my shopping minimal and instead re-style old clothes into new outfits. There is only a certain amount you can wear at one time anyway…

Switch up my skincare:

I feel like my skincare at the moment is quite good and I’ve found some products which work well for me. So why would I want to change it?? There are so many new, emerging brands which have amazzing looking products that I’d love to try, such as The Original, Glossier, Pixi and The Body Shop’s new face masks! I’ve also found that as it’s turned into winter my skin has been affected and I haven’t had any moisture-rich products to combat this. I want to try new serums and oils as well as they are products I haven’t used much before. I think it’s important to switch up your skincare quite frequently so that your body doesn’t get used to the same formulas and, in effect, become ‘immune’ to their effects and benefits.

Hopefully, I’ll do a skincare review in the new year to share how I’ve got on and which new products I’ve tried

Travel again:

As much as a love being home after my nine months of travelling last year I do miss it! I miss things that, at the time, I took for granted and, in some cases, wasn’t sure I liked. Such as meeting new people every day, which, perhaps I didn’t embrace as much as I should have because I missed my friends from home. Also, I think it took nine months of travelling to build up my confidence to a point where now I can look back and think there were instances where I should have made more of an effort to talk to people, and if I were to do it again now, I would have the confidence to do so! I also wished I had taken more photos during my trip! I only starting to get into photography during the last few months I was away and started to wish I had a better camera. As a result I’m lacking good photos of some of the amazing places I visited such as the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, Australian Outbacks etc.

ANYWAY…on the main point of my first goal which is to travel again this year! I’m already planning a short trip to Edinburgh with two of my best friends, which I’m so excited about as it looks like such a beautiful city! I’m also planning on going inter-railing around Europe over the summer with some more friends, we haven’t made any definite plans yet but I’d love to visit Prague, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Dubrovnik. Hopefully I can make sure I don’t have any regrets this time and take loads of great pics with my new camera!

Learn more about photography:

This goal is closely linked with my previous one but I’ve become so much more interested in photography in the past six months, compared to the start of the year where a quick snap on my phone would satisfy me! I now spend my breaks at work searching for new camera equipment, reading blogs on how to improve my technique (it definitely needs work, I know) and endlessly searching through photography posts on Pintrest and Instagram! It kinda sounds a bit sad when I write it down like that…

But I’m determined to take more photos of better quality this year, not only for my blog but of family days out, nights of with the girls and (hopefully) my travels in Europe so that I’ve got better memories to keep of those special events! (now that is sad and cheesy…haha)

Start University:

I finished my A-Levels and left college two years ago with the intention to start University at Sheffield studying Politics after my gap yarr. (All very middle class I know! *cringe*) However I turned down my place when I got home and started working full time in a bar instead while trying to figure out what on earth I was going to do with myself.

Six weeks and two failed apprenticeship applications later…I think I’ve worked it out! I’m applying for a Fashion Management/Marketing Degree (still haven’t decided which one but, hey, it’s a start!) I’ve wanted to work in Fashion for years but didn’t quite know how to get there as I feel like Schools and Colleges push you towards more academic routes (hence the initial Politics application). But now I’ve found this course it sounds perfect for what I want to do and hopefully I’ll actually go this time!

Start blogging more frequently:

Since starting my blog I’ve loved writing all my posts and trying to get creative with my content and photography. However due to the hours I work in a bar, I sometimes find it hard to get the time to write all the posts I want to. I think at the moment I average about 2-3 posts per month which I want to increase to one a week, if not two. Hopefully I can include some regular posts such as monthly favourites or favourite seasonal outfits; I definitely want to start posting more about fashion and trends I’m loving, especially seeing as I want to do a Fashion Degree and my blog is supposed to be partly fashion related anyway.

I think that blogging more frequently will help me be more organised as I will have to plan ahead a lot more and maybe start taking all my photos for posts in one shoot at the start of the month so I have them prepared. Hopefully this should also help me prepare for Uni and getting back into the habit of work…urgh!





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