Cosy A/W must-haves

The past month there has been a definite chill in the air! September eased us into Autumn, gently taking us by the hand through the colder days, until now when November has suddenly catapulted us headfirst into winter weather! Something my wardrobe was soo not ready for and made this clear by a distinct lack of warmer coats.

So I thought I’d do a post about my most worn clothing items which I’ve lived in recently and a few new additions which I know I’m going to be throwing on ever day well into the new year!

First up is a couple of jumper which I’ve talked about before in my knitwear post,  however these are the two which I find myself reaching for the most. I like to style both of them with the sleeves rolled up and partly tucked into black jeans to give them more shape. I love wearing baggy jumpers however I find that they can look quite sack-like and shapeless (never a good look!) unless given a few styling alterations, such as tucking them into high-waisted jeans.






I also looove the embroidered detail on the cream jumper, it reminds me of oriental styles and adds something a bit extra to an otherwise plain outfit!

My next two pieces are my new additions, and by new I mean ordered-and-arrived-a-few-days-ago-new, but I’m obsessed with both of them already! They’re both from Boohoo (blame the black Friday deals..) and are soo warm and soft. I really wanted to get a teddy coat for this season as I’ve seen them everywhere, so picked up this grey one because I think it’s an ideal length for keeping you warm, it comes to halfway down my thigh (but I am quite tall so would probably be just above the knee for anyone more average height). The pink coat is a smarter going-out jacket which I thought would be perfect to replace my leather jacket to throw on over my probably-very-inappropriate-weather-related-outfit, which I’m bound to be wearing on a night out, to keep me warm. (I’m a disagree to all the northerners who never wear coats on a night out, I know!!)DSC_0540DSC_0533DSC_0534

My final items to mention are two pairs of black heeled boots from Primark. One pair are matte black faux-suede fabric which I wear for a more casual day time look and the others are sparkly sock boots which are sooo festive and perfect for Christmas parties! I really like Primark for heels because, even though I know the quality isn’t the best, they always seem to have great mid-heels which are perfect for my height. Plus all my shoes tend to get ruined when I go on a night out anyway so if they’ve cost me less to start with I feel less guilty!DSC_0559

Apologies for the dirt on them- at least it shows they’ve been used and I genuinely love them!

Emily X

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