Make a Statement!

Recently I’ve really been loving wearing earrings that make a bit more of a statement than my usual studs! I always used to find dangley earrings to be too heavy and annoying around my face however I’ve acquired a small collection of lighter ones which are much more comfortable to wear.

Primark £1.50

I love this pair that I picked up in Primark with contrasting silver and rose gold sections. I usually only wear metal earrings which won’t irritate my piercing such as silver, gold, sterling silver etc. however for £1.50 I couldn’t resist these! As long as you only wear cheaper earrings for a day or so in a row and make sure to clean your piercing they shouldn’t cause too much irritation.

The style reminds me of lollipops and they were just too cute to not buy!

Hoops are a classic and I’ve had so many pairs in different shapes, colours and sizes; many of which got lost years ago! I bought these pair from the Delhi Haat Market in India (not much help for anyone wanting to buy the same I know, sorry!), they’re solid sliver so don’t hurt my ears and are comfy to wear. I prefer these to regular hoops because of the way they taper from a flat, wider shape at the bottom of the hoop to a thinner, round shape at the top.

Gold, triangular shape with chunky beads across the bottom wire!

These earrings are actually a pair I made myself (so I obvs love them! It’d be pretty silly to make something I hated!). Earrings are so easy to make yourself! I saw a pair online which I really liked in a similar style which was so simple I thought, I could easily make those for half the price!

For anyone living in/around Manchester The Bead Shop in Afflecks Palace is great to buy earring hooks, wire and beads to create your own designs!

H&M £3.50

My final pair are smaller than the previous three but definitely still make more of a statement than plain studs! I bought them in a pack of three from H&M, these larger two styles are my favourite and I love the gold shade! The hoop goes across the front of your ear instead of through it which makes a nice change from traditional hoop earrings.

I think bigger, statement earrings are definitely going to be my thing this Autumn! I’ve got my eye on a pom-pom pair from Zara and all Mango’s designs are beaut!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which styles you’ve been loving!

Emily X

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