Going for the chop!

I’ve always love to experiment with my hair and am very good at making last-minute decisions about how I want it cut ten minutes before my hair dresser arrives! This normally results in me thinking that having a heavy full fringe cut in or my waist-length hair chopped off to just below my ears is a great idea! Although I did love my fringe once it had grown out a bit and I was no longer peering out behind a curtain of hair, and I grew to love my short ‘lob’ once I knew how to style it properly, I thought I should probably stick to what I know suits me!

So I decided to go for the chop! (but not as drastic as last time-RIP waist-length rapunzel hair!)

I love styling my hair in loose, beachy waves and my shorter hair tends to hold curls better as it has less weigh to pull them out! Shorter hair also looks great in a half-up-half-down style, either curly or straight, tied up into a bun on top.


To achieve casual, wavy hair Toni&Guy is my go-to brand for products! I’ve bought their Volume Plumping Mousse time and time again and the Sea Salt Texturising Spray is my hair-saving holy grail! I apply both to damp hair, work through with my fingers and then blow dry my hair upside down to get volume whilst twisting sections with my free hand to encourage loose curls. Bumble and Bumble is another great brand and I love their thickening hair spray to add even more texture and to fix my hair in place if I add some extra waves with either a curling wand or buy wrapping sections of hair through straighteners.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Let me know how you like to style your hair!

Emily X

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