How to eat well on a traveller’s budget

It may be highly hypocritical of me to write this post seeing as I am no health guru and whilst living in Melbourne for two months I mainly survived off eating $5 Dominos pizzas, 7/11 cookies and falafel kebabs (I ate two in a row one night…)

Yet, here I am giving it my best shot because you can never have too much advice when it comes to food, aye?

After leaving Melbourne I decided to make a fresh start (literally, no more takeaway) to my eating habits! So here are my tips for eating well at as little cost as possible:

  • Buy fruit and veg that are in season- Fresh fruit and veg is expensive, especially in Oz! Aldi  is the cheapest supermarket to buy your five-a-day fix and look out for what’s in season at the time of year as you will always be able to get it on offer.
  • Food markets- Markets are another way to get cheap fruit and veg; especially if you buy just before they are closing as stall owners will go crazy shouting over each other as they drop all their prices! The Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne and Rusty’s Markets in Cairns are fab to get a good deal last minute!
  • Reduced Food- Most supermarkets will have a reduced section where you can pick up some bargains. And what does it matter if some food goes past its use-by-date  in a few days? If you’re going to eat it that night, who cares?
  • Free food shelves!!!- Most hostels will have a free food shelf with stuff other travellers have left behind. I always check the use-by-dates and tend not to take any tins or jars which have been opened, but generally everything is ok! In Hobart we managed to get everything we needed to make sausage butties, complete with ketchup, with ingredients all off the free food shelf…winner!!
  • Pasta and rice substitutes- Any meal with either of these is so quick and easy to make when you’re travelling but you begin to get bored of eating the same meals and can feel a bit carb-overloaded. Couscous is a great, lighter alternative which is even quicker to cook! You can buy a box of plain couscous from Aldi for approx. $5 which will last you ages and can be flavoured however you want. Flavoured sachets cost approx. $3 and only do 1-2 servings so buying a box is way more cost efficient and you can get creative with your own flavour combos!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  • Meat is expensive!- BUT if you make it last a few different meals you’ll get your money’s worth. For example, one packet of mincemeat can be split into four portions to make meatballs, burgers, chilli-con-carne and a pasta sauce. Just bulk  out the meal with whatever other ingredients you have and one packet of mince should last you the best part of a week!
  • Switch to green tea- If, like me, you love a brew (such a typical Brit!) green tea is a great alternative to black tea as it helps speed up your metabolism to burn fat quicker! It’s also great for travelling as you don’t have to drink it with milk, this is handy as I’m sure you can imagine what happens to your carton of milk when you try to travel on a hot coach with it…
  • Lentil As Anything – If you don’t fancy cooking then Lentil As Anything is great vegan restaurant in various cities in New South Wales and Victoria, where you only pay how much you feel your meal was worth (be fair though!)

I hope you liked my tips and they are helpful to you!

Emily X


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